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Setting Your Ratio

When you sign up for Ivella you and your partner will decide on a default ratio that you'd like to split all of your expenses by. You could decide to split everything 50/50, 60/40, 70/ 30, etc.

Account Balance

You'll deposit money into your account and use the Ivella Debit card to split transactions. You and your partner will each have separate accounts, so when you make a transactions we'll withdraw from both of your balances.

*Additionally, your partner won't be able to withdraw money directly from your balance.

Track Spending

You and your partner will each be able to see who made certain purchases, how much was spent, transaction details, and how much was deducted from each of your balances.

Manage Transactions

If you want to adjust a specific transaction and change it from your default ratio, we've got you covered. Feel free to make the movie you just went to see 60/40, or treat your partner and pay for the entire thing!

We power couples with the financial tools they deserve.

No monthly account fees or minimum balance required.
Protected by bank-grade encryption and user authentication.
FDIC Insured by issuing bank up to $250,000 per user.
Account Comparison
Completely Mobile
Easy & Fast Signup
Independent Balance
FDIC Insured Account
Instant Issued Debit Card
Automatically Split Transactions
We just moved in together and managing expenses with Venmo wasn't working. We needed this.